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Father of the Blog


I’m the type of person that tells his 5 and 4 year old daughters not to feed the ducks immediately following a dozen children who have. Rationalizing that over time the ducks will become dependent upon handouts from people and when the free ride stops, the ducks will be unable to find food for themselves, go hungry, then starve to death. Admit it, you kinda glossed over that until I mentioned ‘death’. That is exactly what my wife and kids do too.

So what about me? Loyal husband. Proud father. Family restaurateur by day. Writer, website admin/designer/marketer and entrepreneur by night. Bachelor of Fine Arts from Missouri State and a few post college computer tech certificates.

Me in a Tweet: Challenged by code, inspired by design, voice by writing, beaten by children and tamed by wife. I find my happy place while playing hockey.

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