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Flushed Away

Elizabeth with Mom and Dad

Elizabeth with Mom and Dad

Elizabeth is one year old. Already! I am convinced that the earth is traveling around the sun at an accelerated rate. We are the coin in the gravity well or the squashed bug being flushed. Wait, maybe not, because we added one second to 08. Which is fine with me, I needed that one extra second, although it only felt like a half a second.

Time has a way of playing tricks on parents, for example, after I picked up the kiddos from preschool today, someone, ok it was me, left the bathroom door open. Olivia had left a little yellow to mellow in the toilet and I didn’t see that when quickly getting a tissue for a runny nose. I swear my back was turned for two seconds, I thought Elizabeth was playing with all the plastic food stuff that is used for play picnics in the living room/playroom until I heard her splashing and giggling. This is when time slows down, “Nooooo!” I seemingly move in slow motion, not like movie slow motion, more like nightmare being perused by some unseen force slow motion. “Nawt eighn theaighr!” Elizabeth gins at me as I pull her away, time speeds up again as I disinfect her.

“Who left the toilet seat up?! Who didn’t close the lid after making pee-pee?! (I may have said taking a piss). And who didn’t close the bathroom door?!”
Olivia took the blame right away for not flushing and leaving the seat up. I suspected it was her anyhow. “I forgot to flush daddy.” She said nonchalantly from the kitchen table while working on a coloring.
I couldn’t scold her for being truthful and only reminded her, no pleaded with her, for the hundredth time, to try and remember to flush and close the toilet seat. At that time I remembered it was me who left the door to the bathroom open but didn’t admit too it. My five year old is more honest then myself. Why couldn’t I just say “oh, that was me who left the door open”?

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3 Responses to “Flushed Away”

  1. February 3rd, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Joyce says:

    LOL! I can so relate. My little one loves to play in the potty no matter what is in there! I usually find out by the big one screaming that the little one is playing in there. She loves to rat her sister out even at this age!

  2. April 15th, 2009 at 6:36 am

    Heartburn Home Remedy says:

    This is quite a hot information. I’ll share it on Twitter.

  3. May 5th, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Leslie M says:

    hahha, enjoy these days.. cause they are fleeting… My girls are 18 and 23.. and I thought they were just born.. your family is beautiful!!

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