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Welcome Elizabeth Rose

Originally posted on BabyCenter.com 1/12/08 

Number Three is here; well I suppose I can call her by her given name now that she has one, Elizabeth Rose. Eli, or Lizzie, or Beth for short, whatever suits her best, we will see. She is beautiful, a round face, dimple in her chin, inch long muddy brown hair, one ounce shy of seven pounds, nineteen and a half slender inches. She is already competing with her siblings and wanted to make sure that her delivery was the most memorable.

Thursday night I was up until 2:30 am. Wired from an earlier Hockey game I couldn’t sleep and needed to get a ton of website stuff completed so I stayed up hacking away. When I silently slinked into bed Kim woke up to go to the bathroom and shouted at me for staying up way too late. She couldn’t fall back asleep, flipped on the TV and within a half hour she was breathing hard, grunting, groaning and having consistent contractions. At 4:30 she came out of the bathroom and said “I’m Bleeding!” Instantly, wide awake again,  I jumped out of bed and started getting everything ready to go; her bag, the camera, insurance cards, IDs, laptop, jackets and warmed up the car. She paged her doctor. He called back within ten minutes and said to get going to the hospital. My Mom was on stand-by to come over and watch Olivia and Hailey, she lives a half mile from us and twenty minutes after I called her, she leisurely showed up with a full pot of coffee in her hands, “We waited for coffee to brew!” Impatiently I shouted. Then as we were pulling out of the driveway I see my mom through the kitchen window waving her arms to get my attention. I stopped, then waited another precious minute to see what was so important, “Your lights!” she shouted from the garage.

“Like I wouldn’t have figured that out!” I screamed at her. Even when my mother is doing me a favor I get irritated with her. It is so unfair to her, but I can’t help it. I slammed the van back into reverse and careened down the driveway sideswiping the trash can on my way. I just left it in the street.

We arrived at the hospital right around 5am. The attending nurse in the Woman’s Evaluation Unit performed an exam, said that Kim was dilated to three, was going to page her doctor and issued orders for Kim to get into a Labor and Delivery room. What the nurse failed to realize was that the baby was bottom down breech. Kim labored for a few hours and around 7:45am Kim’s doctor came in to do a “quick check” She was four or five, but he failed to notice the breech. Kim received a much needed epidural as soon as her doctor left. A couple of hours sped by until Kim’s contractions were a minute apart and she was feeling a lot of pressure. At 10:30 her water popped and loads of meconium thick as engine sludge started leaking out with all the fluids, the bed pad looked like the Le Brea Tar Pit. Kim paged the nurse and she came in to clean-up and do another exam. The nurse said Kim was dilated to ten but she needed to do a quick ultra sound because she thought Kim was breech and wanted to double check. It was then that the nurse realized Elizabeth was breech and from then on, all hell broke loose.  Within an hour, the anesthesiologist, several nurses, a couple techs and an infant care specialist were scrambling to get Kim to the operating room. Kim was understandably upset, crying and extremely scared. She didn’t anticipate the c-section at all. Elizabeth came out bottom first (yes, I looked), folded like a taco, her feet scratching the back of her head. She gave one good last kick on her way out, spraying blood all over the doctor.

Both Elizabeth and Kim made it ok.  I am so happy they are healthy, proud to be a daddy again and just ephing exhausted.


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